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Fruit Plants Online Booking

Fruit Plants Online Booking

Vegetables Seelings Online Booking

Vegetables Seedlings Online Booking

Potato Seeds Online Booking

Potato Seeds Online Booking

Hort Sale Net Booking Steps

You have to follow these steps for online booking of Fruits Plants, Potato Seeds, Vegetables Seedlings and Beekeeping Boxes from Government Nursery, so the steps are as follow :-

Step 1. Go to home page.
Step 2. Hover on particular crop to check availability and click to see nursery list.
Step 3. Click on particular nursery to see available crop variety.
Step 4. Click on particular crop variety for online booking.
Step 5. Check Available Quantity and add booking Quantity.
Step 6. Select Option New Farmer OR Existing Farmer.
Step 7. If new farmer then register yourself and if existing then Login into online booking portal.
Step 8. Select payment mode. (Note : If your booking amount is greater than ₹ 5000/- then only Online payment mode will be selected automatically and you can not change it.)
Step 9. After complete all above steps Click on Proceed To Pay button.
Step 10. After submission of order please collect the order within seven days otherwise order will be canceled or put on hold.

Latest News

 Horticulture Haryana Launch Online Booking Portal of Fruit plants, Vegetable Nursery And Potato Seeds for Haryana Farmers.

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